We create our own reality every time we put pen to paper or fire up the graphic design software. If that's true, then what kind of sick god am I?

Frighteningly Pretentious Komix!

FPK ponders the possibility that our lives don't have to be an endless cycle of violence and hatred. And blows stuff up.

I've talked before about being a bit of an optimist, but it's hard not to temper my optimism with realism. I have a theory that, realistically speaking, the reason change/revolution never comes is that (a) people are lazy, and (b) changing the status quo is expensive. Plus, any time following the cycle of violence gives you an opportunity to blow stuff up, it's pretty damn hard to resist. If Mythbusters has taught me anything (aside from whizzing on an electric fence won't kill you), it's that explosions are cool.

Frighteningly Pretentious Komix, in addition to being posted to the web, are also designed as minicomics. If you have an interest in helping distribute FPK to friends or family who are frightened by the prospect of (gasp!) going to a website - or if you want a complete print set of FPK, feel free to download the PDF of #5 from Rapidshare and follow the folding instructions at eHow.

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