We create our own reality every time we put pen to paper or fire up the graphic design software. If that's true, then what kind of sick god am I?

Frighteningly Pretentious Komix!

A ghost arrives from beyond the grave - but does she bring a message? Or just sweet ghost lovin'?

Have you ever watched a ghost movie where the ghost is trying hard to displace the soul of one of the living characters so they can take over their life, and about halfway through you start thinking, "You know, the ghost would probably use that life a whole lot better than the person who has it."

Dude. I think that all the time. Especially any time I find myself backed into watching an old episode of "Crossing Over," where Jonathan Edward insists that nobody in the afterlife is in pain, they're all just hanging out and watching us in perfect peace and love. Even when we're slashing somebody's tires or having alone time in the bathroom.

Feel free to download the PDF of #6 from Rapidshare and follow the folding instructions at eHow.

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