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Glen is an actor, a singer/songwriter (Post-Millennial Heebie-Jeebies on iTunes, Napster, and Amazon), an experimental electronica/hip-hop artist (Deep Blue Funk and Electric Rider, on iTunes, Napster, and Amazon), and an independent television producer (Popcorn on Blip.TV) with a lot on his plate.

Now he's added Frighteningly Pretentious Komix to the mix. An experiment in freeform, free-association comic making, FPK presents off-the-wall philosophy, observation, and humor, all in six frames (or, in print, six pages and back and front covers) a week.

Special Note: Glen is currently working with actress Amy Tallmadge on yet another independent production. This production, currently called "The Horror Hostess Project," seeks to bring back the days of the midnight movie. If you are interested in learning more and/or investing (shares can be bought for as little as $25), check out our page on Indie Maverick.