Every Weekend
Jose Gonzalez

Jose comes from Earth, but he's never said where or how he came to be in space, keeping all parts of his private nature to himself. It's obvious he came from a loving family in how he occasionally makes references to such, so his motives are very clouded. Was he looking for something more? Was he tired of the same things day to day? Did something traumatic happen to his family? Whatever it is, he hasn't said yet.

Jose has an uncanny nack for anything mechanical and takes great joy in taking apart things and putting them back together. He occassionally tries to make his own things, but these are normally not as successful as his "hybrids" that he forms from spare parts. He can fix most anything given the proper tools.

Jose has a serious problem with authority figures and refuses to ever address anyone with any more respect than he would an aquantance, often calling people by their first name if possible. If last names are given, he often leaves off a Mr. or Mrs. He knows just how to annoy people, even though he's usually not trying.

As far as Cilt's concerned, he wishes he never bumped into him. It angers him that most of his sarcastic nature and jokes go over his head. However, he finds it interesting that Cilt is the first one to ever truly listen to what he has to say, so he puts up with him, for now. Back to the Cast Page

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