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Cilt Tuh'Kullah

Cilt comes from your typical lower-class family of IX. They have the basic necessities that their modern society can afford for them (unlike our own) and even a few luxuries such as two space cruisers. Choice is something that is foreign to them however, as they are normally assigned to their lot in life.

Cilt was in training within the local law arena - as his fathers before him had done, but he lacked the skills necessary to enter and was instead transferred to the military.

He has since been at the command sub-station for a few months now and is enjoying his new life away from the planet. He has since learned all he can about the universe outside his planet, including picking up languages on the space station. Earthen English being chief among his interests.

Cilt can be a bit moody and is one of those people who can have a "bad day" soon as a couple things can go wrong. He tends to think better of other people than himself, but really all he needs is just someone to see him for what he is and to listen to what he has to say.

So far as Jose goes, he can't stand him for the moment, but he is fascinated by his behavior (being the first Earthen he's known) and he seems to be pretty knowledgeable about anything mechanical proving that he is useful to him for at least that. If nothing else, he's learning more about the Earth and it's inhabitants from him. Back to the Cast Page

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