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Like many small time starving artists/doodlers, yours truly have been doodling since I stopped sucking my thumb in public (compared to now when I do it in private). Not much to yap about them early drawing days, not even my junk during high school, which was taken up my pointless obsession with Las Vegas and the movie Xanadu. The closest I ever got to see my work move beyond crayon and into ink at the time was a pathetic weekly strip for the Santa Monica Collage campus newspaper that ran only three weeks as the editor used the remaining strips to hit his girlfriend with. I found out about it when the city's police department contacted me. I hadn't taken my art seriously and concentrated mainly on not hurting my co-workers until around 1990 when I discovered zines and its guide, the late great Factsheet Five. Small press ahoy, bubba!!! From there, I created my first comic title BROS. FROM BAKERSFIELD, which was about bored fanboys living and surviving in Buck Owns' infamous backyard. This title would lead to its spin-off and sole survivor from those early days, SHMUCK-O RAT. This one is the continuing adverse adventures of a rat living in Venice Beach and trying not to hurt its inhabitance. This title would insanely piss off the "furries" as 1) the strip is 99% human, 2) 99% on that underground/R. Crumb influence, too, 3) the central character has no boobs AND a dick and 4) I made fun of furries. I've done other zine projects like NegativFANBOYland (a Negativland fanzine) and TIKI HELL (my tribute to tiki culture), but the only other "comic" title was my Josie & the Pussycats/Dan DeCarlo fanzine JOZINE. What started off as a one issue hit & miss deal turned into three issues and a thorn to the side of the real underbelly plankton of comics (next to furries): Archie Comics management. Hurr hurr hurr, test tube babies! After years of getting addicted to the smell of toner, cartoonmayhem and Landwaster Books officially printed a compilation book called 'THE WHATEVER OF SHMUCK-O RAT' (soon to be re-printed). Currently, finishing touches are being made for my second "printed book", a art book/opinionated rant collection paying tribute to the Space Age era of the 50's and 60's called SPACE AGE ASH TRAY, which is also to be released by the brave folks at Landwaster Books. Plus, I'm doing my part for the dime a dozen world of internet comics strips by having SHMUCK-O spread "the fear" on a weekly basis and planning another comic project about a old cocktail lounge. What's my art style like? Well, I'd show it to ya if this site gets around pulling its collective thumb out and ACTUALY allows us to post our freakin' artwork!!!! HELLOOOO! WE'RE TALKING ABOUT A VISUAL MEDIUM HERE!!! Well, my style is just above Matt Groening's penmanship. However, you'll have to visit the related links below to find 'em and see 'em. Whom & what I like in comics?! Well, I'm NO fan of superhero comics. A clique that went past the expiration date. Sure, I like the standard "boob" factor that the mainstream sector of this industry rides on, but too much sugar will rot the teeth, give ya diabetes and you'll end up hearing voices in yer head telling you take Marvel Comics seriously and Paris Hilton has large breasts. Tiles of interest: American Splendor, Neil The Horse, Love & Rockets, The Complete Peanuts, old Ralph Snart, Reid Fleming, Josie & The Pussycats (DeCarlo era ONLY), Rudy, Martin The Satanic Raccoon, Howard The Duck (probibly the only Marvel character I like before the movie killed him off), etc. Artists of interest: Frank Cho, The Hernendez Brothers, Peter Bagg, Jim Balent (that "boob" factor again), Steve Gerber, Evan Dorkin, R. Crumb, Jim Mahfood, Dan DeCarlo, Terry Austin, Adam Hughes, Frank Strom, etc. the way, I hadn't shaken this "Xanadu" thing as I still maintain a related mega-site called the XANADU PRESERVATION SOCIETY! God I pity me on THAT one...and the "boob" factor, too. Damn you, Little Annie Fanny. Don-O