Dotman: the Chaos Crystal

Chas Goguen (dotman) says:

Hope you enjoy the cover art for the upcoming Dotman: the Chaos Crystal webcomic! Stay tuned next week (December 13th) for the first page in the series! And check out to stay up-to-date on all things Dotman!

Chas Goguen (dotman) says:

The excitement continues! ...sorta! Also, Amy makes reference to an event that occurs in Dotman issue #36 - which is far from being completed as of yet. So, stay tuned for that, Dotfans!

Chas Goguen (dotman) says:

Thanks for sticking with me through the boring, mundane intro to this exciting adventure, folks! Finally, something dramatic happens: an explosion! That'll surely liven things up a tad!

Chas Goguen (dotman) says:

The battle is on! Dotman seems to have the moves to avoid his enemies' attacks, but without the power needed to strike back, will he really be able to defend the town from their onslaught?

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