Two Brothers Comics!

When you have nothing better to do on a remote make comic books. This is a collection of the comics my brothers made over the years.  Many are silly, but some are actual attempts at "serious" superhero comics.

Time permitting, we'll update with current artwork based on those characters.  Maybe the concepts will be regurgitated... recycled... brilliantly reused for future projects.  Enjoy. 

Two Brothers Comics

Two Brothers Comics presents issue # 1 of the fantastic "Freedom Squad" as they face the evil Battlezoners!

I can't remember the year this comic was created, but it was at the height of the "indy revolution", if you will.  My brother and I came up with the characters, and I basically took control of the first and second issues.  My brother started #3.  Anyway, You'll see some old "standards" of characters, the big rocky guy, the young rebel, the scientist, the mysterious female, the crotchety veteran.

My favorite character is "Darkloak."  She was always easy to draw, and she has a mysterious past.  So mysterious, I still don't know what her past is! 

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