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'Isotope' Iggy Albert
For his superior intellect (and incredible explosion dodging capabilities) "Isotope" Iggy has been the Student Head of the science wing since his third grade year. Seriously, this kid can dodge... i mean really... watch him while he's experimenting (from ... more
Abigail Christiane Elodie Dominique Badeau
Abigail Chirstiane Elodie Dominique Badeau, known by her friends as Abby, is the schools most accomplished painter, and the Head Student of the school's Arts Wing. She prides herself on her ability, but believes that no task is worth the effort unless fun ... more
Oliver 'Grassy' DeGrasso
Oliver, raised in the vatican city, has brought a fresh point of view to our theological division. His unique perspectives have carried him to the top of his class, and the position of Head Student for the theology wing, where he can often be found using ... more
Travis 'Tri' Aiken
Travis Aiken, an Irish boy, Head Student of the Political Wing, and the only human being on record to ever change Iggy Albert's mind. His perpetual habit of keeping one eye closed has earned him many nicknames his high strength glasses have earned him man ... more


Haydn Levatore ||   

i'm really a 3d designer, but i had a few ideas so i figured i'd try out the comic scene. I can only hope that i have achieved a high enough level of geekdom to qualify ... full profile