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Abigail Christiane Elodie Dominique Badeau

Abigail was born in the small french city of Douai. Her parents were simple people who owned a small shop, but died in a fire from faulty wiring. When her parents died she was taken to her grandmother, an amateur painter since childhood, who taught her everything she could as Abigail grew. Abigail's skill increased rapidly, soon surpassing her grandmother's. At the age of six she had a painting displayed in a local gallery, which was quickly bought for a hefty sum by a serious collector. The art was put up in the Louvre at the request of the collector, a curator at the museum. It stayed up for three months, during which time one of our scouts discovered it and rushed to find the young master. Abigail was admitted at age seven and rose to the top of her class within the first week. Since then she has increased her skill even further and has risen to the position of Head Student for the Arts Wing. Back to the Cast Page


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