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Oliver 'Grassy' DeGrasso

Oliver was born to Chris and Laura DeGasso, a New Jersey family with sicilian lineage. Wanting to return to their roots, but not having the funds to reach sicily, they settled in Rome to begin their new life. Oliver quickly found his place roaming the halls of the Papal Palace, speaking to holy men and, on several occasions, the Pope himself. He became a favorite form of entertainment for the Holy Father as he absorbed ideas from the many people who frequent the Vatican City, and added his own thoughts into the mix. Several Clergy-men on the grounds admit to having been shaken by the boys powers of persuasion. The Pope, one of our theology students long ago, sent us word of his little companion and a scout was sent to Rome straight away, where the family was delighted for the chance of their son having such a bright education. After he said his goodbyes, he was flown out, age eight, and has been studying in our own halls since then, excepting annual leave at christmas each year, which he takes to see his family and friends in Rome. He was quickly nicknamed 'Grassy' for his name and the trademark hay stalk he chews on as he patrols the school. It's a name that has stuck with him from the start. Back to the Cast Page


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