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Travis 'Tri' Aiken

'Triple Eye' Travis Aiken was orphaned at the age of three and adopted by a wealthy british politician and his wife. His adopted father taught him much about the british government, world politics, and the legal systems of many different countries. To further his education, his family sent him to our school, in the hopes of improving his education, as well as his fiery demeanor. Not much is known of him beyond this. His family is a touchy subject that has often ended in blows being exchanged. Exchanged in this case is being used relatively, as noone has yet landed a hit in a fight with the boy. He is also quite sensitive about his height, and his origins. For the year he spent as an orphan, and the three years spent with his biological parents, his life style is entirely unknown. Many rumors circulate as to why his left eye is perpetually closed, but none have yet been confirmed. Back to the Cast Page


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