Updating saturdays, but i'll probably be late

I probably don't have any, but for any repeat customers who keep coming back to look for more, i think it's only fair to say that a severe lack of scanner/actual artwork is preventing me from submitting any real pages. With only a little over sixty views total, i know it's not a big deal, but i wouldn't want you to get confused. i'll most likely be returning, resubmitting old work, and actually beggining the comic come septemberish. a while to wait, but you can't rush art and there really isn't a choice. I'm sorry for the delays and i know it's not hugely dissapointing for anyone other than my self, but on the off chance that someones actually coming here to see where this comic is going, now you know.

Concluding my horrificly unlucky first public comment,

                                                                     Haydn Levatore

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i'm really a 3d designer, but i had a few ideas so i figured i'd try out the comic scene. I can only hope that i have achieved a high enough level of geekdom to qualify ... full profile