Updating saturdays, but i'll probably be late
The first day of CAG has arrived, and we have a new student. come meet him, at Copia Academy for the Gifted!

Hi everyone, this really sucks, but Haydn kind of fell down on the job. especially sucks for the very first page, huh? Anyway, since Haydn couldn't get it done, the task fell on me to make the first page. I think some of us can see how that worked out. I'm sorry to condemn you to my horrible artwork (you may notice that there are no headshots of the only character so far).

Just something i thought i'd mention, yes, that is a forty foot door and the little blob shape at the bottom is our lone character. If you think your first days of school were intimidating, try doing it with a 250,000 square foot academy with a forty foot tall front door.

Anyway, hopefully Haydn will recover from his apperantly crippling illness soon and you won't have to live through another of my cover ups ;)

Thanks for the tolerance


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