When I can get to it. *Usually* once a week.
FOR YOUR ONLY is on hiatus until I get some of the crap in my personal life sorted out.  Hopefully updates will begin later this week or the beginning of next week.
It's page 17, what do you know?
That darn Gobligan empire is at it again! Updates resume ASAP!
Technical difficulties vanquished! Party gains 255 exp! LVL UP! Updates next week.
Page 19.
zer0's disclaimer applies to me as well. Just replace the corresponding nouns with applicable ones. Many thanks to zer0 for making his Francis E. Dec information and multimedia website and getting me hooked on Francis E. Dec in the first place.
Page 22.
I did this one digitally. I don't think Francis E. Dec esq. would approve.  The background is from the Voynich Manuscript.
The end of part one.  Part two will happen when it happens. I am taking a sabbatical to work on some other projects.
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