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The Daemonslayers



Blackjack's motivation as a Daemonslayer stems purely from his selfish desire for revenge for the demon-wrought curse he is under which denies him his true dragon identity. Sarcastic, vindictive and proud he is yet loyal to those few he considers friends. ... more
Rather atypical for the undead, Shade is easy-going, a nice guy (if a little gloomy) and given to occasional 'blonde' moments. Unfortunately he also happens to be a dire werewolf and as such is given to turning into a vicious, bloodthirsty monster. ... more
Soul joined the other Daemonslayers after her relationship with Shade led to her soul being stolen by Lord Saragoth (hence her usename). She now quests in the hope of finding the demon city of Khisan and regaining that which was stolen from her. ... more
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All content © Isabelle L Davis 2007 unless otherwise stated. Soul/Meccha © E.Lai 2007
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