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The Daemonslayers


Real Name: Syrax Deryos
Species: Black dragon. However he is cursed to be stuck in the pseudoform of a dracosvulf.
Sarcastic, vindictive, arrogant and untrustworthy, Blackjack is yet fiercely loyal to his closest friends (not that he'd ever admit it). He himself does not trust anyone easily unless they have proven themselves to him. But even then he's not always straight with them. As a rule he comes across as self-serving, insensitive and generally unpleasant. He does tend to be more congenial toward people he actually likes but otherwise he can be at best intimidating and abrupt. Failing that, violent, callous and cruel. There is another aspect to his personality though. His mother was a black dragon of bloodline Deryos (House Deryos has a particularly nasty reputation) but his father was a silver dragon... He's troubled by the 'good' aspects this brings to his character (and finds the growing sense of conscience he's suffering deeply annoying).

Blackjack swore the Blood Oath with Shade to hunt demons for his own selfish desire for vengeance against the curse that robbed him of his identity and transformed him into a dracosvulf.

When the near-godlike demon Shine tried to invade the world of Tymaera with her chaos demon armies, she first sought to remove the most obvious threats to her plans – these being Tymaera’s most powerful creatures, dragons. Through the raw magical energies that pour forth from the Dreaming Gate, the weakness in the wall of reality between the godless demon realm (aka the chaos realm) and the mortal plane, she was able to curse some of the more prominent dragons. Some were sent to sleep never to awake, others she was able to transform, taking away their memories and turning them into lesser creatures she could hold sway over. These rather demonic-looking dracosvulfs made ideal additions to her armies. Some even rose to positions of command and one in particular became one of her generals, reporting directly to Archlord Saragoth himself under the name he had earned for himself ‘Blackjack’ (thanks to a handiness with the blunt weapons used in single combat between Shine’s soldiers in order to rise through the demon ranks… since to get ahead you had to off your superior). Unfortunately for the invasion, the spell upon Blackjack was not as strong as for some of his fellow lost dragons and whilst on a mission far from his commanders’ influence, he began to regain some of his memories and realised that actually no, he wasn’t going to help demons invade his world! He deliberately let the army he commanded be destroyed then simply did a runner and despite the best efforts of Saragoth’s elite warriors, has not been found since. Shine was destroyed during an interruption to the ritual to bring her into the Prime Material Plane, but Saragoth has filled the power-vacuum she left. Blackjack is not very open about his past, speaking about it rarely and being deliberately evasive if asked about it. This is partly because he suffers terrible amnesia thanks to his curse and what little he recalls is hazy to say the least. But it's also because he doesn't particularly believe in freedom of information, especially when said information pertains to him. Most people don't know Blackjack and Bloodbane, the dread dragon of Caevalonian legend that once held the continent under a reign of terror, are one and the same. Legend tells he and the barbarian-turned great hero Knight Helgaret killed each other in a 'glorious final battle'. Syrax finds it convenient to let this perpetuate since it can get a little inconvenient being the dark myth told to children when they misbehaved, "Do as you're told or Bloodbane will get you...".

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