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The Daemonslayers


Real Name: F'lair Hartland
Species: Dire werewolf (i.e. an undead lycanthrope).

Haunted by the horrors of his past and lost in a personal limbo between life and death, Shade's grasp on the little that remains of his humanity is steadily slipping. Things are not helped by the presence of the black soul an ancient evil, Raven the Dracoliche, which has taken residence in the empty place Shade's own soul should be. He draws his strength from his comrade Blackjack and his lover Soul yet he lives in constant fear the beast within him will bring them to harm.
Shade and his siblings were orphaned at a young age (they never knew their father(s) and their mother was burned as a witch). Disaster struck again when, at 14 winters old, Shade saw his brother and sister killed by a vampire - he only lived after running in terror and the guilt all but consumed him. Years later he found a spell he thought would allow him to communicate with the Spirit World. He tried to use it to apologise to his lost family but the magic backfired and he was dragged into the realms of the dead. Lucky for his sanity he has no memories of the time he spent there and knows only that at some point he was able to return to the mortal world but not without a price. He was dead, undead to be precise and no longer had a soul. Worse still, when the silver moon Isel shone full, he transformed into an awful beast and would frequently wake up covered in blood he knew not to be his... He would have lost his mind at that time but was taken in by a group of mercenaries - all shapeshifters - and found a 'home' for a while until a vicious love triangle between him, the group's leader Panther and a rival forced him to leave. It was at this time his path crossed that of Blackjack's and found a new purpose as the dracosvulf revealed to him the untold threat posed to their world by the godless demons of chaos.

The quietest of the Daemonslayers, F'lair's easy-going, a nice guy and given to occasional 'blonde moments' (he’s not thick but neither is he the sharpest tool in the shed). However it's not too advisable to get on his bad side since he is ever so slightly... unstable. Most of the time Shade is of a suspicious, slightly paranoid disposition (can you blame him after what he's been through?) but is a ferocious fighter, verging on a berserker. He’s honest (and a terrible liar!), tries to do the ‘right thing’ in most situations but unfortunately doesn't always think things through and can land himself in trouble for it. During his quieter moments he's given to dark musings about the curse of his undead nature and the series of uncontrollable events that brought him to this pass, making him feel he's not in control of his existence and never will be. If it wasn't for his girlfriend and fellow daemonslayer Soul, he'd probably spend all his time brooding.

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