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The Daemonslayers


Real Name: Meccha
Species: Half fay, half human. And all lycanthrope (2nd generation) after being bitten by Shade.

Meccha is a little evasive about her past leading up to the point she became half fay... she doesn't even use a surname to indicate where she's from. As far as anyone knows she was 'cursed' for an unknown (so she claims) reason so that she would experience the plight of the fay - a life adrift, not truly being a part of the mortal world. After many years as an outcast she ran into Shade and finally found another being who understood her pain and isolation though his 'condition' was far different from her own.
Unfortunately being associated with Shade and Blackjack meant she became a target for their mortal enemy, the demon Archlord Saragoth who held them responsible for the death of his beloved Aster. To exact his revenge Saragoth captured Meccha and used her in a dark rite, taking her soul and using it to resurrect Aster. The other Daemonslayers arrived too late and found Meccha dying, her body unable to cope with having its immortal soul so violently torn out. In a last-ditch bid to save her Shade bit her, giving her the curse of lycanthropy but also the double-edged sword of a 'blessing' of the unnatural strength that accompanies it. With this boon she was able to live, but the emptiness left inside is sometimes unbearable and so she took the usename 'Soul' as it is her quest to find once more the demon city stronghold of Khisan and kill Aster in order to get back her soul.

Compared to Shade and Blackjack who are both deeply jaded and subject to bias in their own ways (Shade sees things very negatively, Blackjack just seems to hold everything and everyone in contempt), Soul is very open minded and can often see solutions to problems neither of the guys would think of. She wears her heart on her sleeve and is open with her feelings - sometimes a little too much - and not afraid to speak her mind. She is strong willed and resilient but can be sensitive if something strikes a nerve. Sometimes she gets depressed and frustrated because of missing her soul - there's always a sense of emptiness that tugs at her mind and nothing good seems quite as satisfying as it once was. Back to the Cast Page
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