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I never really know what to put in these things since I'm not entirely sure how much you want to know about me or why (me? paranoid?).

 A common question I get asked is did I study art. In short, no. I'm self taught and it probably shows :D I studied art up to GCSE level (that's 'til the age of about 16 if you're unfamiliar with the British education system) but after that chose science for my educational path and in my free time practiced at improving my drawing. In recent years I've been using a lot more 'how to' art books and tutorials which have helped immensely though it is a lot of hard work.

I come from near Liverpool but have lived in London for the majority of the last decade having moved here to study Neuroscience at UCL.  I'm still in science and work for a multinational pharmaceutical company so comics and art are something I do in my spare time. To be honest I'm much more interested in them than my job but one has to earn a living some how and without wishing to sound cynical there's more money in science :D Plus I'm not sure I'd want to have to make a living from art as I wouldn't want something I love doing to turn into a job, if that makes any sense?

As for the Daemonslayers, they and their world Tymaera are something that's slowly grown in my mind ever since I was little. I was always 'off in Dragonland' as my mother would say, making up stories and characters. As time progressed these events and people needed somewhere to live and slowly the world of Tymaera came to be in my little head.

... I'll come back and finish this later.