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Sabrina Anyway
Sabrina is a creature of magic and mystery. She is a chameleon who can turn herself into anything she wants, but she is trapped in a fantasy land from which she cannot escape. ... more
Bicycle Horse
Benjamin Forgeus combined a bicycle frame with an ancient wooden carousel horse to create a birthday present for his son, Tom. The Bicycle Horse is an enchanted creature that turns into a real horse when a child stares into its eyes. ... more
Tom Forgeus
Tom is an ordinary boy who embarks on an extraordinary adventure. He rides his faithful Bicycle Horse to a magical land to rescue Sabrina and discovers a dangerous world from which he may never return. ... more
Robot man
An obsolete bucket of bolts that lives in a junk yard, the Robot Man is hungry for friends and adventure. ... more
Wise Young Cow
This wisecracking bovine befriends Tom and the Bicycle Horse and promises to be a faithful companion, as long as they're having a good time.! ... more
Ptero (pronounced 'taro')
Ptero is a sinister beast that is half-dinosaur and half-lawyer. His goal is be King of All Things, and he will crush anyone who gets in his way. ... more
Bumbo is a charming creature who literally sleepwalks his way through life. His favorite things to do are to sleep, eat pudding, and sleep after eating pudding. ... more
Supporting Cast: Cholestero Princess O Shimmer and Scribble Small Ladies of the World Spy in the Grapes
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Greg is a web comic artist. He enjoys creating funny web comics for the Internet. It makes him happy to do humorous comics about fish. Webcomics are great, fun, and some of the best comics out there! ... full profile