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The Mace had forced Sabrina to do five shows a day for the entire week they had been in the city. The mid-day show was almost over, and she was onstage, wearing the long black dress that hid her ankle chains, and a tall stovepipe hat. Her job was to keep the crowd entertained while The Mace was setting up the more complicated tricks. The Mace had just vanished behind a red velvet curtain to prepare for their finale: The Box of Death.

The Mace had taught Sabrina a few tricks to keep the audience's attention while they waited. She whipped the hat off her head, exposing her long red hair, and launched into her final speech of the show, "Who among you is brave enough to enter The Box of Death?"

A roar went up from the crowd - The Box of Death was nothing if not a crowd-pleaser. The Box stood more than six feet tall and had been built of solid mahogany in the shape of a coffin. It was sealed with iron bands and giant steel padlocks, and was covered with holes so that it could be penetrated on all sides and from every angle with the sharpest, nastiest-looking blades ever made. No one in the audience knew how the trick worked but they were sure that whoever ended up in The Box would be the unluckiest person alive.

"Who will be brave enough to win my heart by facing the deadliest challenge ever? We've conveniently built it in the shape of a coffin, just in case we have to use it for another purpose after the show!" said Sabrina, waving her hat as her eyes darted through the crowd, looking for anyone drunk enough to participate.

The crowd laughed heartily and some of the bigger men in the back started pushing the smaller folks towards the front, hoping that they could produce a volunteer by knocking someone onto the stage.

After waiting a few minutes, Sabrina began speaking again, her strong clear voice ringing out in the warm air, "Since none of you are brave enough to volunteer on your own, then a champion shall be chosen at random. He who will win my heart through bravery and strength will also win my love!" as she said this, Sabrina reached into her top hat and produced a dozen of the largest and reddest roses anyone had ever seen.

"The champion is here," said Sabrina. "Let others flee in fear, like birds in flight, but my champion shall catch the rosy token of my heart and climb the stage to claim me as his prize." With this, Sabrina smiled and tossed the bunch of roses up into the air over the center of the crowd, like a young bride on her wedding day. A large hole opened in the crowd below, where people quickly scattered outward in all directions to escape the falling flowers, exposing a single young man who had been shoved to the front by the bigger men who were anxious for a volunteer. As the roses sailed through the air, eleven of them were magically transformed into white doves that flew up towards the clouds, while the twelfth and final rose fell into the outstretched hands of the young man whose gaze was frozen on Sabrina, his eyes burning like a thousand candles.

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