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Sabrina led Tom to the opening of The Box and helped him inside while The Mace picked up two large broadswords and prepared to insert them into either side of the oversized coffin. As Tom stepped in, he turned around to face Sabrina, who said, "Trust me. You have nothing to fear."

Though Tom knew this was his last chance to make a run for it before the door of The Box was shut and sealed, he felt that he had to trust Sabrina at her word, though his feet seemed to be edging towards the doorway as if they were going to make a run for it on their own.

Sabrina's face brightened as she twirled to face the crowd. "We have a special treat for you. We're not going to skewer just one unlucky soul - today is two-for-one day! You're about to see the world premier of what we call, the, the...The Lover's Box of Death, where a maiden and her champion are sacrificed together for your pleasure."

The crowd responded with loud yells and applause. The Mace stopped suddenly and looked suspiciously at Sabrina.

"And so gentle crowd wish us a grand farewell as we enter our honeymoon of death. Goodbye, goodbye forever!" Sabrina said as she turned and threw her weight against Tom, knocking him against the rear of the box and tipping it over on its back with her weight. The door slammed shut as the coffin fell backwards onto the stage.

"Stop! Stop," yelled the Mace, but it was too late. He knew immediately that he had lost her and nothing would ever bring her back. But he also knew that he had to finish the trick, or the bloodthirsty crowd would make mincemeat of him, so he began stabbing the coffin on all sides with his many blades, enticing a sickening approval from the crowd each time he plunged a blade into the wooden box.

When he had used up every blade and long sword available, The Mace reached out and grabbed the box's great iron handle with both hands, and with a mighty effort, pulled the door open to expose what he already knew: The Box was empty, save for the many crisscrossing blades.

Turning to the crowd with a wave of his hand, he improvised, "You see: I have cut them to ribbons! No one escapes The Box of Death!" he said, raising his yellow hand and clenching it into a fist as the crowd went wild.

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