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The Cow couldn't get to the food booth fast enough. She felt like it had been days since she'd eaten, or at least hours. It was the smell of fried broccoli that was pulling her along, and she was rudely shoving her way through the crowd to get to the food booth before she exploded with hunger. "It's a public service!" she thought. If she didn't get some tasty broccoli in her stomach soon, the subsequent explosion would send all these innocent villagers skyward. She redoubled her efforts.

The Cow had forgotten all about looking for Sabrina the second that the delicate smell of cooked broccoli tickled her nostrils. She finally arrived at a large food booth and began rummaging through the containers in back. "Aha!," she exclaimed as she discovered a half-eaten broccoli-kebab on a soggy plate. "Dinner is served."

Meanwhile, the Horse had worked his way north and was inquiring discreetly if anyone had seen a girl with red hair and green eyes, a being that would surely have stood out among this crowd of dark-haired townsfolk.

"Feast yer eyes on the stage," said a tall, gnarly-looking man after the Horse questioned him. "If it's a red-haired beauty you seek, there she be," he said pointing over the Horse's shoulder. The Horse had been ignoring the performance so he turned to face the stage just as Sabrina launched into her speech. "Sabrina!" The Horse exclaimed under his breath, "She's alive. I must find a way to get to that stage."

The Cow also turned to face the stage when Sabrina began her speech and her flowing red hair suddenly reminded the Cow of her original mission. "Ohmygosh!" she said, spitting pieces of broccoli onto the person in front of her, "That's got to be Sabrina. I have to find Tom and the Horse and tell them!"

But as Sabrina launched into her speech, the crowd suddenly came alive. Larger men formed a ring around the outskirts of the crowd and began pushing the smaller men forward to be involuntary volunteers for The Box of Death. The Horse and Cow were stuck on the outside of the circle, and they stood helplessly by and watched as Tom caught Sabrina's roses and made his way to the stage. By the time Sabrina had knocked Tom and The Box of Death onto the stage, they had managed to break free of the crowd and were galloping toward the front.

They were less than fifteen feet away when The Mace opened the Box of Death to reveal that Tom and Sabrina had disappeared. When they saw the empty box, they came to an abrupt halt. Out of breath, the Horse leaned over and whispered to the Cow, "There's only one way off this stage that no one can see, and that's down! Beneath the stage is Hernan's Well which leads to an underground river and exits at the River Ginz, not far from where we agreed to meet Tom. If we hurry we can be outside the city walls and at the River in a few hours!"

"Okay, that's great," said the Cow, smiling. "Oh, hey, can we get a couple of broccoli-kebabs to go first?"

"Cow!" said the Horse, angrily.

"Okay, sorry. I meant, you know, for Tom and Sabrina, really I did. But, you know, I'm sure they're probably not hungry. Let's just go," said the Cow.

They turned and galloped towards the city gates.

Meanwhile, on a nearby hill covered with grapevines, a small man in a dark hat watched the proceedings in the Town Square. His beady eyes missed nothing. They darted back and forth between the events on the stage and the movements of the Horse and the Cow. His brow was furrowed in thought. As the Horse and Cow galloped towards the city gates, he smiled a clever smile and nodded to himself. "Follow, follow, follow!" he thought, "These two fools will lead me to my prize!"

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