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he sounds always started the second Tom went to bed.

They began as a gentle knocking on the door and then progressed to a louder tapping on the windowpane. It was always the same, always the same.

Tom would rush to the door and throw it open to find no one there. And no one was at the window, and no one was on the path, and no one was anywhere at all.

Each night he would lay in bed and think of a girl he had never met. She had lush red hair and a brilliant smile. He was falling in love with her but he didn't know her name. Tom hoped that her secrets would be revealed to him in his dreams, but no matter how hard he tried he could not fall asleep.

One night, Tom was laying awake thinking about his beautiful dream girl when suddenly the knocking began very loudly. It startled him. He ran to the door, opened it quickly and saw nothing. Moving rapidly to the window, he gazed out into the night, squinting to see if there might be someone hiding in the miniature rose bushes beneath the windowsill. To his amazement, the glass was covered with a thin, white film, which swirled and snaked its way in strange patterns across the surface of the glass. At first he thought it must be rain or frost that clung to his window, but taking a few steps back, he slowly began to realize that the white streaks formed letters, and the letters formed words, and the words were a name, and the name was "Sabrina Anyway."

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