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It was getting to the point where Tom was never sure if he was asleep or awake, so he decided to assume that everything that happened to him these days was a dream.

How else could he explain waking up on top of a magnificent stallion, galloping at full tilt through an enormous field of daisies that was surrounded on all sides by the blackest, thickest forest he had ever seen?

To confirm that he was dreaming, Tom looked underneath the Horse and saw that all traces of the bicycle mechanism had disappeared. Four powerful legs surged beneath him, and the handlebars that formerly extended from either side of the Horse's head had turned into a pair of real ears.

The daisies, which numbered in the thousands and completely covered the field, stood tall and proud, smiling up at the sun. They seemed so joyous that it was if they were a floral choir singing life's praises to the heavens. Small bands of cattle dotted the field and lazily munched on patches of grass.

As Tom looked to his right and left, he noticed that the trees surrounding the field had grown so close together that there appeared to be no possible exit. The bark on the gnarled trunks was so dark that it seemed to pinch the sunlight out of the sky, creating a murky grey haze that hung at the edges of the field and made the forest appear even more frightening. When he turned to face front, Tom was horrified to discover that the Horse was charging straight towards a single cow that was standing upright on its hind legs, staring blankly at them.

"Stop, Horse!" Tom screamed, pulling back hard on the reins as they came within fifteen feet of the cow, "You'll crush her!"

The Horse skidded to a complete stop just five feet in front of the unblinking cow.

The animal was unlike anything Tom had ever seen. It stood upright on its hind legs and was almost as tall as the Horse. Its hide was a white and was covered with purple splotches. The cow had a small gold bell hanging around its neck that was as delicate as a piece of jewelry. It stared at them silently as it chewed on a clump of grass.

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