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he next evening Tom decided to stay up and wait for Sabrina to reappear.

"He turned the small wooden chair in front of his computer desk so it faced east towards the window and sat down. Instinctively, he grabbed his acoustic guitar from its stand to his right, placed the strap over his head and began strumming.

"It could be a long night," he thought.

As the minutes turned into hours, his mind began to drift and his eyes wandered around the room. His parents had let him live in the guesthouse for the last two years, ever since he announced that his destiny was to play lead guitar for "the loudest band in the world." From his seat in the corner, Tom could see all four walls of the house, as well as the large round window in the center of the east wall and the dark blue door to its right that led to the backyard. On his left was a large dresser made of pine. The dresser?s top and sides were white, and its drawers were alternately colored bright green and yellow, like something from a Dr. Seuss book. His mother had painted the drawers as a surprise for him many years ago, when he was reading The Lorax, and she was so pleased with her work that he didn?t have the heart to repaint it, even though the colors made his stomach hurt if he looked at them long enough.

On his right was a giant oak bookcase. Its shelves displayed an assortment of toy knights, dragons and friendly trolls that diligently guarded his favorite books. A wide, comfortable futon lay directly in front of him, and beyond it, leaning against the wall in the opposite corner, was his birthday present.

Tom had turned fourteen less than a week ago and his father had given him the most extraordinary present he had ever received. His dad was a woodworker who specialized in restoring hand-carved carousel animals. He had turned their two-car garage into his workshop, and hanging over the entrance was a big hand-lettered oval sign that said "Benjamin F. Forgeus' Wooden Menagerie." The shop was filled with dozens of wooden chickens, frogs, dragons and pigs in varying states of repair. Every time he entered the workshop, Tom felt like he was at a petrified circus. It was as if the animals had been frozen in the middle of a performance and you could walk around and examine each of them in detail before the show started up again.

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