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"I guess this will have to work then," said Tom. He put the guitar strap over his head and brought the guitar close to his chest. Then he placed his left hand on the fret board, swept his right hand down across the strings and struck a loud "G" chord that rang through out the forest.

The Baba stopped dead in their tracks and looked up in amazement as Tom proceeded to strum the chords of a ballad. He began to sing a song of love and regret while the Baba stood frozen like statues, transfixed by the melody. They clung to every note and followed Tom's hands with their eyes. He played for several minutes and when he finished there was a long silence before anything moved.

From the road behind them, a tall Baba stepped forward. He dropped his claws, stood up straight and looked from side to side at the members of his hunting party. Then he reached into a small pouch that hung around his neck and produced a flat, round black stone about the size of his palm. It had been highly polished and there was a small octagonal hole cut into its center. He advanced several feet and reached up with his hand, offering the stone to the party. Tom bent down from his perch atop the Horse and grabbed the stone. He looked at it carefully and then held it over his head for all to see. Suddenly, the Baba let out a huge roar and began to stomp their feet. Tom lowered the stone and placed it in his saddlebag. Then he took the strap off his guitar, folded it into quarters, and handed it down to the tall Baba. Amazed, the Baba examined the strap closely and then held it high over his head.

"Taga!" the tall Baba said.

"Taga! Taga!" cheered the other Baba.

"Shanto lo torak tuni," said the tall Baba. Then he turned off the path and headed south through the trees. He motioned with his hand for Tom and the others to follow, "Ya lon ming qora."

"What did he say?" said the Horse to the Cow, who seemed to be following the conversation.

"He wants us to go with him back to their village," said the Cow.

"Well you tell him it's a very nice offer but we politely refuse," said the Horse.

"I don't really think that's an option," said the Cow, turning around to look at the Baba who had been carrying the net across the road. They had moved directly behind the party and were now pushing the Horse and Cow southward. "If I knew we were going to have company I would have worn my good hide," said the Cow, grinning.

"Don't worry," said the Horse. "I'll make sure your hide is a different color by the time I'm through with you."

"Promises, promises," said the Cow, "Can I request something in a pale green?"

The party followed the tall Baba as he moved southward into the darkness.

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