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"How does she define bad intentions?" said the Cow.

"Well, someone with bad intentions is someone who will lie to her about why they are crossing," said the Horse.

"So anyone who lies gets tossed into the pit of fire?" said the Cow.

"I'm afraid so," said the Horse.

"Do they check to see if you lied on your tax returns?" said the Cow.

"Not that I know of," said the Horse.

"Then I'm good," said the Cow. "Onward!" and with that the Cow stepped onto the bridge.

No sooner had the Cow's hoof touched the first bit of marble then the head and neck of a giant purple and green dragon rose out of river and towered above it.

"Why does the Cow always get us in trouble?" said the Horse to Tom.

"What is your purpose in Whitestone!" hissed the dragon, as wisps of black flame shot from between its crooked yellow teeth and smoke billowed from its gigantic nostrils.

The Cow shivered and withdrew its hoof. "I...I...I..." stammered the Cow, looking like she might be turned into a sizzling pile of steak at any second, "I think I'll go back to the forest."

"Guardian of the gate, we travel to the heart of Aremsland with good will," said the Horse. "Our friend is imprisoned and only the strong magic and great wisdom of King and Queen Arem may free her."

The dragon loomed over them menacingly, large gray clouds of smoke forming over its slow-moving head. She closed her eyes and seemed to consider what the Horse had said.

"You speak the truth, Horse. You and the rider may cross. But what of the bovine? I detect deception in her and am of a mind to chew her bones," said the Gateguard.

"She is a fool but not a liar. Well, unless you're from the I.R.S., that is," said the Horse. "She's a critical part of our mission, so please extend to her the same courtesy and let her pass."

The Dragon licked its lips and considered a moment while the Cow hid her face and shivered from head to hoof. "Done. But, reluctantly so," said the Gateguard. "Be true to your mission or we will meet again little Cow," hissed the Gateguard as it sank beneath the river without a ripple.

"Yeah, we may need you along to pay the fare on the next bridge," said the Horse as they led the shivering Cow across. When they reached the other side, they all heaved a sigh of relief and headed quickly down the path, putting as much distance as possible between them and Huton's Bridge.

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