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"I could start singing again..." said the Cow.

"No, no! Anything but that. Please, we're sorry Cow," said the horse with a big grin on its face.

"Cow, please forgive us. We were just trying to lighten the mood a bit. It's been a bit of a trek through these mountains. And look, we've finally made it. City gates ahoy!" said Tom, pointing to the mammoth gates that appeared a few hundred feet ahead of them across the drawbridge.

"You're sure there's no Gateguards down there right, right Horse?" said the Cow. "I mean, who knows, they could all meet regularly, like at Gateguard conventions or something, and you know that one from the river, you know, Huton's Bridge, she could have told everybody about me like when they were whooping at the after party."

"Oh come on, Cow, that kind of thing never happens," said the Horse. "And the name of that Half-dragon Gateguard you?re referring to is Ybuka. I don't think she attends conventions. Maybe she's eaten a few of them, but I doubt she goes to the after parties."

"How can you be certain there's no Gateguards here? And why do you know so much about this anyway?" said the Cow.

"I was wondering the same thing," said Tom.

"There are no Gateguards here because they're not needed here. Take a close look at the walls on either side of the city gate. Every four feet there's a long horizontal slot with two expert bowmen behind it. Make the wrong move on the drawbridge and you're a pincushion. It?s a fairly effective method for keeping the bad guys away," said the Horse. "And I know all of this because I've been through this land many times before."

"I think I?'the Cow as it moved behind Tom and the Horse. "I don't seem to be having much luck crossing bridges lately."

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