Wedensday and Friday


I'm really sorry, everybody.

It feels like such a copout, but I'm really overworked at my job. Like... 10 hour days overworked. I'm trying to get to the point where I can put things back together for Silver Rage. If I can start again by March, I will.

Things to expect when I come back:

1. A new Webcomics Nation site. (It'll still be up at for folks who use that URL.)

2. A slightly tweaked art style. I'm working on new character designs, pushing subtle differences that, when put together, make the characters look much better.

3. There is a possibility that co-creator James Hatton may come back and help with some of the writing. That's just bonus, really.

Like I said, I want to try to come back in March, but its impossible to say right now. I don't want to do anything until I'm ready to because I'm sick of this stop-and-go shit, as I'm sure you are.

It is my only New Year's Resolution: Make Silver Rage work.

- Bill
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