Wedensday and Friday


Boy, if hootin' at Steven Colbert didn't tucker me out, driving home did. Hence, no further blog, blah blah blah, you don't care.

So, holy crap, Batman! Comics! Ultimates 11! All Star Superman #4! New Avengers #20! Uhhhhhm... Shadowpact #2? SURE! WHY NOT?!

Marvel is doing something right, though, when I care about Iron Man. I never cared about Iron Man, I didn't think there would ever be a reason to care about Iron Man. I now care. Go Marvel.

So, MY comic... who's that new girl, Desiree? What shenanigans could possibly ensue from this debacle? Find out on Monday!

What? Did I stutter? As a welcome to this huge influx of people I've gotten, and as a thank you to everyone who checked back after two weeks, I'm now updating Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I've got enough backlog already created, and many more strips planned out, that I can update three days a week.

I hope you guys enjoy! Tell your friends!

- Bill
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