Wedensday and Friday


Whew... and there's the end of that run. I am a hopeless romantic at heart, and besides I wanted a new character, and a female one at that. Desiree will be appearing more in future strips. Now then, on to things that aren't incredibly sappy.

Like the comics from June 28th. Not one, not two, but six Civil War titles! Though it had so little to do with CW, my favorite was X-Factor, because of how much it pushed together in one episode. We can only sit and watch as at least three seperate storylines collide with, what one can hope will be, explosive results. Quicksilver and Layla as nemesi was the icing on my cake. All in all, my pick of the week. Then, of course, Runaways, Brave New World, the conclusion to Superman: Up, Up, and Away, and my pet book Next Wave were all just awesome. It was a "holy shit" week, to be sure.

Be sure to, in the coming weeks, check out Girls With Slingshots by Danielle Corsetto ( See, DC's out for a bit, and the mice will play. Several talented people, and of course yours truly, will be showcasing GWS guest strips over the course of July. Its also a good chance to familiarize yourself with Hazel and Jamie and the others... who knows WHERE those crazy kids are going to show up next?

That's all from me. See you guys on Friday, and I hope you all had a delightful Independence Day.

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