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For anyone who got confused over the course of this week, comics came out yesterday (Thursday, 07/06) instead of Wednesday because of July 4th. I totally forgot to mention this in any of my updates, but I think it might be a good thing to mention. Or at least a nice thing.

As for Thursday's books... whew, a light week. After the last two weeks of comics, its nice to have a breather. What to cover first?

Well, Batman: Secrets finished its 5 issue run aaaaaaand... unimpressive ending. That's really it. I was looking for a little more, whatever that might've been, and it just wasn't there. Sorry, Sam.

New Excalibur #9 came out, starring.... Chamber?! Yeah, sure he's depowered... but I'm glad they didn't leave him to rot in that apparatus for the rest of his life. One of my favorite mutants is back on the scene... unlike Jubilee (The person I'm talking to knows who they are). Also, the Nocturne cover is cute as hell.

JSA wraps up an 87 issue run. I'm sad to see it go, as I was really getting into it. Be sure that I'm going to pick up JSA #1 this fall.

Punisher #35 is just another Barracuda run... but that's like saying Jaws was just another shark. Garth Ennis keeps delivering, and I'll keep buying. Which reminds me, I have to get Battler Briton...

And more Ennis... can't get enough. Fury #6 brings the miniseries to a pretty explosive close. What a great little book.

Last, we have Detective Comics #821, the first of Paul Dini's run... which was what made me pick it up. The thing reads like the old Animated Series (the good one, not this new The Batman crap). Perfect writer choice for the One Year Later Batman book, easy.

I've babbled enough. I'll see you guys on Monday, when you'll get to meet Robyn's cousin, and also get more insight on today's Captain America joke (I promise! Check the blog!).

- Bill
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