Wedensday and Friday


Ok, sorry about all that. Comic's up, all is good in the world, and now I'm off again...

What? Oh, the surprise? Ok, I guess you've been good. Take a peek at this.

For those of you who recognize the theme, if not the actual drawing, it's a rehash on an old sketch I did called "Picnic on Rob's Grave." I had a couple copies of the old drawing at Pittsburgh, but the scan was crap, and the art was outdated. So this is the rehash of that drawing. It'll be available for sale, starting at Baltimore Comic Con (Sept. 9-10), as a print and possibly a poster. It will also be available for free as a wallpaper.

So here's the thing. I haven't colored it yet. Do you guys want it in color, or in the tradition of the comic, in grayscale? I'm not really taking a vote, per se, but I want to hear what you guys have to say on the matter. Just shoot an email to the address at the top of the page.

Thanks for the patience, guys, and I hope you like the design.

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PICNIC AT ROB'S GRAVE (Black and White Wallpaper)

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