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Happy Friday, you fine folk! First off, I've got a quick plug. Girls with Slingshots is in full blown guest strip mode... and guess who did today's. Yeah, me. Good guess! Tuesday's was done by Paul Taylor, and Wednesday and Thursday were covered by Christi Johnson. Christi, by the way, is also the mastermind behind the Webcomic Hotness website, and is spearheading our expedition to the New York City Comic Con. Hooray Webcomic Hotness! Hooray beer!

Now that that's done, you know what Friday means... Bill's Comic Revue! Now, this was a big event week, and I'm going to try to keep this spoiler free, but I can't guarentee anything.

Top of the list... Runaways #18. *sniff* That's... really all I can say. Any more and I'd start crying, and then YOU'D start crying, and I'd cry even harder, and YOU'D... you get the picture. Oh, and... LEEEEEROY JENKINS!

Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters #1... It's Battle for Bludhaven... cool new look, same crappy taste. In my humble opinion, skip it.

Let's do all the Civil War titles in one quick shot. Civil War #3 and we finally get into some real action... the lines are becoming less and less blurry and... ok, where did he come from?

X-Factor #9 is the train wreck I was promised, with a renewed purpose rising from the last pages. The team looks like its finally coming together as Madrox and the crew are forced to pick a side.

Civil War: X-Men #1 (of 4) brings the 198 (a name I've NEVER liked) into the mess, as whatever little mutant solidarity was left after M-Day crumbles under the boot of the Registration Act.

Finally, Cable & Deadpool #30 is a laugh riot. Deadpool's inner monologue breaks, the Great Lakes Aveng... X-Me... Champions have picked sides (and nobody cares), and an iPod gets taped to Daredevil (for no good reason). It's completely unneseccary, and loads of fun.

Back to the other side of the island, Justice League of America #0 is a really neat story... but ultimately rehash. Anyone who likes Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman interaction should pick up this book. Anyone who expected to see the new JLA lineup... don't hold your breath.

So as not to seem TOTALLY Marvel biased this week, let's go to Robin #152. This is a book I'm enjoying heartily (except the Clash thing seems kind of forced). I want to see this story leads to. Hopefully, we'll get the Clown Prince of Crime by the end.

Last of all, Rush City #1 (of 6)... This has the makings of a really cool book. The storytelling is awesome, compelling, and action packed. The art is expressive, and appropriate. And Rush just a hands down cool customer. If #2 picks up as well as this one does, and digs into the overarching story a little more, I'll be happy.

Ok, that's that for me. Have a good weekend all.

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