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Last week was, as promised, a 'big'un'. So, again as promised, here's the Comic Revue.

Well, we've got the comic I borrowed for today's strip, Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane #8. First, let it be said that Bill loves Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane, despite however it may seem that I talk about it in today's strip. This book is... really great, a pinnacle of what Marvel's become: character driven story-telling. And yet, it also is what I've claimed in the comic... in so many words, the new "romance comic", books marketed specifically for women. This book isn't for everybody... but if you think you might like it... you'll like it. Get it.

Next on the block we got Brian Azzarello and Marcello Frusin on Loveless #9. I need to go back and read this book from #1, because while its really good week to week... I'm getting really confused easily. In this one, we've got a vicious murderer in Blackwater... and its up to Sheriff Wes to find the varmint.

Action Comics #841... what is this, a Spider-Man book? Superman: Hero or Menace? The Government doesn't trust him (and why should they? last time he left, he had four replacements, none of whom were him, but all of whom claimed to be), half the population doesn't think its really him, and a good chunk of the super heroes aren't even sure. Oh, yeah, and aliens. Blah blah blah. I'm new to Action Comics in particular, but Kurt Busiek doesn't suck, so this is worth a pick up if you're a fan of the Big Red S.

The Storm miniseries wraps up, giving us some clear backstory on why T'Challa and Ororo have the hots for each other aaaaaannnnnd... this entire series was useless, except for maybe some story about Ororo's past, her claustrophobia, stuff like that. But hey, who'm I to deny the Prelude to the Wedding of the Century?

Oh yeah, the Wedding of the Century sucks too. Black Panther #18 brings us the thing that we've been suckered into waiting for for months now and... not so good, boss. The Civil War bits are the most important, with Cap and Shellhead ready to bust on each other, Luke and Jessica discussing the merits of a Wakandan lifestyle, and Doctor Doom... offering a possible alliance, Latveria and Wakanda, against the fallout of the S.R.A.? Get it for the Civil War, stay for the big cake, but otherwise, this is pretty skippable.

*Note: At this point, I've taken a 5 hour leave from writing this blog to play Heroscape with Jeffery, Eric Hernandez (as featured in Silver Rage #19), and Jen. It was fun.*

I feel like Mike Carey is wasted on X-Men. This isn't ragging X-Men... this means that you should be reading it. X-Men #189 brings us back some dead (?) Canadians. Just... why couldn't the man who brought us 10 volumes of Lucifer get somebody like Dr. Strange? Or, heaven forbid, put somebody like Carey on Ghost Rider... make the run really freakin' count. Marvel's magical aspects don't get the treatment that they could, quite even should, get.

It's Week 12 of 52 and its a Shazam family induction. That's all there is on that... 52 is and remains a solid book. It should be on your buy list.

I'm still not sure where I am on Paul Jenkins' Sidekick. #2 just came out last week, and the book seems like its going somewhere... just hard to say where. If you want a laugh or two, pick it up... be warned, though, its on the expensive side.

YAY GRANT MORRISON! Batman #655 is strange and wonderful... everything I hoped for. Our boy the Manbat is in deep, and if the teaser is accurate, I can't wait to see what happens next. Ninjas, mofo!

Aaand, that's a wrap. Join me on Wednesday for more Silver Rage summer fun, and a list of what's coming out for the day. Until then, kids, stay cool.

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