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So the Wicker Man remake trailer is out on YouTube. Good GOD, the remake looks like tripe. Pure crap. The only saving grace would be that they could afford to hire more than one boy to play the fiddle... but looking at it, it doesn't even look like there will be a fiddle. It gives me the feeling of a dark, very biased view of paganism that has nothing but a wisp of relevance to the original. Please, if you're going to be one of the many who goes to see this, do me the very small favor of watching the original first.

So... Comic Revue. It's gonna be as short as I can make it this go around. Fables #52 delivers, as per usual, but... I don't know, I went in feeling like I missed something. I know I didn't, so it bugs me. First Family wrapped up and... I haven't been enamoured with the Fantastic Four. Like the only story you can tell with them is the origin or one of 'em dies. In Ult. X-Men #73, the axe is falling on the Magician. All I gotta say is whatever Rogue is wearing, its hot. The Next #2 and... I'm bored. This is entirely personal: I don't like time/space dimensional blah blah blah. Just me, and I'm not saying its bad, per se... just that I don't think its ever nessecary, because there's just so much that can be done closer to home. All done. More goodness from Civil War: Frontline... Sally and Ben are both in deep, just in different ways, and Speedball is getting bounced out of GenPop and into... *sigh*... a dimensional prison. Oh well, its there, use it. Ult. Spider-Man Annual #2 delivers a fourway crossover... apparantly everyone wants some of Spider-Man's blood. Its Week 14 of 52 and... Metal Men? Sure, why not. I see this connecting with Steel in some way down the line. Oh yeah, Montoya and Question get arrested. No, they get arrested in Kahndaq. Yeah, now you get the picture.

Ok, finally, a seperate section. Are you reading The Escapists, that Dark Horse comic by Brian Vaughn and a veritable onslaught of artistic talent? If you said no, then you have a task. When you next go to your comic book store, ask if they have it, read the first four pages. If you can put it down after that, by all means, but this books is so well written, well illustrated, and compelling that I bet you buy 1 and 2 on the spot. Do yourself a favor, read The Escapists.

That's all from me. Have a good Friday, a great weekend, and tune in Monday.

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