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I actually had to wikipedia Saved by the Bell to do this strip, because I couldn't remember Jessie's name. It occured to me to do something even more obscure for the punchline, like The Max, but really, why send more people to a Saved by the Bell wiki entry than I need to.

So let's talk convention. If you're within... 5 states of Maryland, let's say, I want your ass at the Baltimore Comic Convention. Not only is this the showing in force of the Webcomic Hotness, a collection of yours truly and ten other awesome comics who've decided to band together to give the webcomics a rock at conventions, but this is for me a very special time. Last year at Baltimore... well, it was a fustercluck. See, James Hatton and I were supposed to go, and this would be the literal debut of Silver Rage... we weren't even online yet. Well, he didn't get the table, he got sick (or something to that effect, I can't remember), and I've already spent a ton of time, effort, money to create these little minibooks. So I've got minibooks, no where to stay, and half a table bummed from Danielle Corsetto. Literally donated a little section of table for me to sit there, shill my book, and mind the shop while she's away.

So yeah, Baltimore... its one of Silver Rage's secret anniversarys (there's two, that and July 4th, which was the concept, me and Hatton on a fire escape going "Let's try that comic thing again").

To quote Cosby, I told you that story to tell you this story. I'm selling a whole bunch of really awesome Silver Rage stuff there that you'll see for the very first time. What am I selling you ask.

Three different Prints: Picnic on Rob's Grave (in color), one called This Isn't a Library, and one called Schoolgirls Love It (A new version, for those of you who've seen the old minibooks)


"I'm Hank Pym, B!%(#" T shirts!

And of course I'll be selling the original Silver Rage comics and doing commissions. I don't want to beg... but hell, I'm going to beg. If you're there, if you were thinking about going, please come, say hi, tell me you hate me, buy a button, and walk away.

Alright, that's it for me. Check back Wednesday for something completely different.

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