Wedensday and Friday


I actually drew this strip in crayon.

Wow, fifty strips. Yay for me. I've been looking forward to putting up the fiftieth strip for a couple weeks now. Its just such a good feeling to reach one of those milestones.

Comics! Well crap, Civil War has been delayed. That means ALL the Civil War books are delayed, or near as damn it. That sucks! Oh well, what didn't suck was this week of comics. Next Wave #7 continues the tradition of strange and violent behavior perpetrated by both our government and the superheroes fighting against our government. Ult. Fantastic Four #32 wraps up nicely the zombie, N-zone, body swap thing. Not THE Thing, just that whole... thing. Yeah. 52 brings us Week Fifteen and... oh good, Question and Montoya broke out. I was worried for.. well, a week. Oh and Booster Gold gets out of the frying pan and into the nuclear reactor. Ghost Rider #2 continues... well, the same way that Ghost Rider #1 did. Badly. Hey, the writer's name is Daniel Way! Continues the same "way!" Get it? Eh, neither do I. Unfortunately, I haven't really been liking anything that Danny's put out recently (he also writes Wolverine Origins... a good excuse to make pretty covers and look and Steve Dillon art and little else). Ok, Robin #153 was kind of silly. I can deal with that. It's a Captain Boomerang teamup. I'm still liking this book, but I'm a big Robin fan (does it show?). Runaways #19 is my pick of the week. Its really sad (especially the bit with Molly and Leapfrog), In these last couple issues though (and more slowly over the course of the entire series) I've noticed Chase becoming this really great character with alot of depth, real tragedy, and true leadership potential. Yeah, Karolina's got the coolest look, and Molly is hilarious, but Chase is the freakin' man right now. Shadowpact #4 I don't have nearly as much to talk about... honestly, its a take it or leave it book. Green Lantern Corps, on the other hand, I'm enjoying immensely. It actually shows the Corps doing what they say they do... its a cop book cleverly disguised as a superhero book. Ok, I'm bored of the X-Men. Yes, I will agree with anyone who says that Civil War: X-Men is a good book, because it is. I'm just bored of 'em. That's not a ringing endorsement, but its Civil freakin' War... pick it up.

Are you guys reading Fell? Its a little Image book by Warren Ellis and Ben Templesmith. Oh, and its also really really freakin' good. Detective Fell is a good guy who gets sent across the bridge to Snowtown, a place that can be described as... Hell, I guess, if Hell is a place where people just stop caring about each other and unusual, almost supernatural crimes occur everyday. But its not really Hell, its just humanity, and Fell is doing his best to make the best of this assignment, live his life, and help people. Also, its only $1.99. That's cheap for a five-time 2006 Eisner Nominee. Pick up this book, if not in paper, then when it goes to trade.

Alright, I've gabbed enough. That wasn't every book that came out this week, but it was the ones that I thought were particularly good (or bad). In the meantime, its Thursday night (for me at least), and I'm gonna go relax, get some Oreos (it IS Oreo day...), and watch me some


Have a good weekend, and don't get bit. Oh, and thanks for reading... hope to see you all at 100.

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