Wedensday and Friday


I clearly have the best damn readers. I got... I'd be lying if I said "overwhelming"... but I got a whole bunch of really awesome letters. The letters were very much for the Li'l Watchmen, so here's one more before we go back to our regularly scheduled Silver Rage cast.

While we're on the emails, I got an email from a guy, let's call him... Colonel 2 Sheds. Oh yes, already we're off to a very good start. The good Colonel has an awesome 'blog on the comics, and I told him that when he had a couple more entries, I'd link him... but that was before I found out that he linked me, and he wrote a very well constructed diatribe on Canadian comic prices, and Canadians are cool. So here we are. Check it out at I'm looking forward to future posts.

Baltimore Comic Con '06 is rapidly approaching, and I gotta say... I can't wait. I got my prints today, I got the T shirts last week, and everything looks awesome. The talented Danielle O'Brien, the better half of James Hatton over at In His Likeness (oh yeah, and he used to write this strip), is working on putting together the books, and also chiding me for not consulting her about things first. And it pains me to admit it, but she is right, because she actually graduated from a school for all the designy, printy crap. If she'd graduated from a school for ANYTHING ELSE, she'd be wrong.


Now, you know how there were a couple huge weeks about a month or so ago? Yeah, forget those. This week is Godzilla. As I always say, go support your local comic book store and get your books. They'll love you for it, I'll love you for it, but mostly... you'll love you for it.

Self-esteem through comic book purchase. I'm going to write a book.

That's all from me. Have a great Wednesday, an awesome Oreo Thursday, and I'll see you all on Friday.

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