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So yeah, this Civil War delay is lame. Marvel seems to push back anything I really like. Ultimates, Civil War... this is a personal vendetta, and I apologize to everyone out there who suffers for it. But seriously, Civil War couldn't keep up? Its a MINISERIES! 52 has run 16 straight weeks without so much as a glitch, Marvel can't run an 8 issue monthly miniseries. Oh well, enough bitching... its time for the...

Silver Rage Comic Review!

Since I was just talking about how smoothly things are going for 52, let's start there. Montoya shoots a kid, Black Adam gets hitched, and we get two pages worth of Starfire, Animal Man, and uhm... Scott Summer's dad (I don't know who that is). All in all its solid, which is fine for a book that comes out every week. Oh yeah, and next week promises visions of Lobo.

Next we have Daredevil #88, which I just read right now so I could review it. Hey, Foggy's not dead! Thank god Ed did a thing with Foggy in protective custody, and he's not a clone or something. If there's one thing I hate more than time/space dimensional crap, it's clones. Great book.

Oh, look, clones. It must be Ultimate Spider-Man #99. Ok, this is a big'un, clearly setting up for the big issue 100. Gwen Stacy is back from the dead, Nick Fury has the Scorpion Peter Parker clone, Peter tells Aunt May about being Spider-Man, and she in turn kicks Peter out, over to his father who apparantly isn't dead. Wiggy wiggy what? Well, at least with Gwen alive again, Bendis can kill her RIGHT this time.

Wonder Woman #2 has Donna Troy still in the clutches of Cheetah, Giganta, and Dr. Psycho. Say, wait, these are the same villains screwing around in Birds of Prey... is there some sort of crazy magic doctor faction in DC now? I think its still too early to tell on the new Wonder Woman series, but hopefully it'll get back on schedule now and we'll be able to see stuff happen.

Joss Whedon loves him some Kitty Pryde. How else do you explain Astonishing X-Men #16? Kitty kicks the crap out of Emma Frost. Big dumb alien escapes. Colossus is going to kill a whole world... I guess. I thought he was dead (I know, Joss brought him back, but DEAD... *sigh*). Also, I like the regression of Wolverine back to little kid Howlett. All in all, its a fine X-book.

Eternals #3 of 6 came out and... I can't believe this series is almost over. I know Neil's a very methodical patient writer, but it just doesn't seem like this series has even gotten started. Yeah, we've got the two Croup and Vandemar characters... not sure what they're all about, and we know that our boy has some super speed going on. I'm going to hold my breath on this one, because I trust Gaiman.

On to DMZ #10, and we come to the end of the Body of a Journalist story. Matty shows he's got the balls to tangle with the US government, and also the balls to tangle with the girl from Independent World News. He just does each in a different way. To be frank, Kelly was a bit too deus ex machina, as this is the first time we've seen her so far, and she just dumps a solution into our laps. That said, I hope we see her again, as she's a good character.

I've expected more from Jack of Fables. Its only issue 2 and I'm just disillusioned with it. It doesn't have the same feel as Fables, and as much as you don't want a clone book, this book just doesn't have that magic. I don't care about Jack so much, or who this Mr. Revise fellow is, and I was happy with Goldilocks dead in a river. So this is a big fat whatever. If you like this book, don't let me put you off it, and I'm still going to read it, because I really want to change my mind about it. Maybe these are just birth pangs.

Supermarket #4 ends that series, and I can say firmly that I enjoyed it very much. If you hadn't been reading it, see if you can get the back issues, or bug your local retailer about getting the imminent trade paperback. Its worth your time.

Next is Heroes for Hire #1. While the story is bang for your buck, sadly the art is lacking. Billy Tucci never did anything whatsoever with Shi, so maybe this is an attempt to prove he's got what it takes to actually, I don't know... draw a comic. Try again next month Billy.

Wolverine #45 gives us more of Wolvie hunting down Nitro... to the depths of the sea. Namor kicks Wolverine's ass some, we get some Iron Man, and Nitro gets a hand... scratch that, Nitro LOSES a hand. Oh, and Damage Control?! This is the thing that bugs me about Civil War delays... I'm so interested in where its going!

Its issue one, and already Justice League of America is kinda over my head. I'm not abundantly familiar with alot of these characters, but the Red Tornado story was pretty good. The Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman conversations could get tricky... just remember: Superman = Blue, Batman = Grey, Wonder Woman = Red. I'm going to keep following this, because I do like the JLA, and I want to see everything shake out.

Go find an image of the cover of Birds of Prey #97... go on, I'll wait. That's what happens in the book. Really. That's about it. Black Alice kicks everyone's ass. Still, I find myself wondering about Dr. Psycho, Cheetah, and Giganta.

Almost done, folks. New Avengers #23 shows us what's been goin' down with Jessica Drew during the Civil War. The short story is.. nothing good. What did you expect? This is a Bendis book. Nobody gets off easy in a Bendis book. Its one of the rules.

MANBAT NINJAS! Waitaminute... Batman has a kid? Ok, Grant Morrison rocks the socks off of Batman #656. We're still not Doom Patrol weird yet, or Invisibles weird... but I have the fullest confidence we'll get some real good fodder from our boy.

Finally, Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane #9. Who didn't see that ending coming? You'll know what I'm talking about at least seven pages from the end of the book. And still, I can't turn away from this incredibly sappy story.

THAT'S IT! Ok, as much as I'd LOVE to SIT HERE and TYPE MORE... I'm not going to. Thanks for your patience with the late strip, have a great weekend, and I'll see you all on Monday.

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