Wedensday and Friday


A couple things for the record. I got an email the other day... apparantly my DC is off. That wasn't Scott Summers' dad in 52!

I know, I was surprised too. Everyone but me knew that was Adam Strange. But now I know, and that's at least 45% of a war, or something to that effect.

Also, and this one I'm sad about, but only Cheetah appeared in Birds of Prey and Wonder Woman. The other two in BoP were Faust and Talia, while the other two in Wonder Woman were Giganta and Dr. Psycho. Though that Cheetah tie may just be a hint at some sort of new faction emerging... one can hope.

Finally, I just wanted to point out that the "Wales is OK" shirt that Todd's been wearing is a direct... uhm, homage... to John Allison's Scary Go Round. If you're not reading it, its great. One of my favorite webcomics of all time, its probably won loads of awards, and even if it hasn't, it has in my mind.

Have a great Monday.

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