Wedensday and Friday


I shall portay a stunned audience. "A timespace portal?" Yes. "But don't you hate comics that use timespace manipulation?" For the most part, yeah. "So... what's the deal?" Well, check out Wednesday and you'll see. It'll be fun, to say the least.

So I was cleaning my room, to try to get it remotely liveable, and as part of that, I dropped all my comics into a long box. Including the ones that came out last week, which I'd do for the revue. So... you'll have to go without a revue this week. I'm still really bushed and just too lazy right now to go digging through it finding last week's pile. Sorry guys. You'll definitely get one for Friday, promise.

Speaking of this week's comic, don't forgot that because today is Labor Day, books'll be coming out on Thursday instead of Wednesday this week. Just a helpful little reminder from the friendly faces at Silver Rage.

Don't work too hard,

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