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Ok, two big ol' things for today's blog:

First up, the Baltimore Comic Con Report! I hitched a ride down with James Hatton and Dani O'Brien, fellow Webcomic Hotness characters. James used to do this comic, does In His Likeness, and Dani the book stuff for both of us. We stayed with Mara Maguire (Black as White) and her husband Jay. After a short night of sleep, we head off to the con. We're there about 40 minutes Saturday morning when we get ushered out. Apparantly something had gotten jammed in one of the roof fans and there was a small fire scare, but it was taken care of and we head back in. So I get to meet a bunch of awesome people who'd heard of Silver Rage or Webcomic Hotness, and a whole bunch more who hadn't. That night, we chill out at a local Borders, then make our way to a barbecue. For the record, Mike, the host of this little post-con party, is a great guy. He let me sleep on his futon last year, the barbecues are loads of fun, and I can't wait for next year's. Sunday was uneventful in the fire drill department. I did some more con sketches (including one of Jason Todd! Ha!), and got some myself. I've started a little Rorshach sketchbook and got sketches from both Troy Zurel and Michael Avon Oeming... both of whom were awesome guys even though I had crap for reference materiel. Note for next time. I also got to meet Dean Haspiel, who signed my copy of American Splendor #1. After the con, the whole Hotness group went to an Irish place called Tir na Nog, where Danielle Corsetto ate all of our food. Then, we had a delightfully uneventful ride home, capping an awesome weekend. If you have the chance to go to the next Con, definitely take it. It's an awesome time, and I'll be there again as well.

So now I'm concentrating on NYC.

Ok, now we do a short little Comic Review!

American Splendor #1 hit shelves this week. Pick it up. I heard that Dean Haspiel drew one of the stories, and that he's a really cool guy if he walks up to your booth at a con.

All I have to say about Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #12 is... that's a hot nurse. And apparantly not what she seems to be. Oh and Quentin? Leave the bubble on your head, you're scaring the kids.

My favorite book this week was definitely Paul Dini's Detective Comics #823. I can't get enough of this man's writing. Unfortunately, while I liked the art, I wasn't particularly a fan of the coloring or inking. But who CARES?! It's PAUL!

I think that's all I'm going to do right now. If I read anything else particularly great, I'll cover it on Wednesday. See y'all then.

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