Wedensday and Friday


You guys are too nice. You need to start sending angry emails when I do things like miss. Tear me a new one.


Ex Machina #23 was awesome! There was less firefighter... machine... sex, so yay for that. I do find myself somewhat lost, though. I need to catch up with the trades.

Have I mentioned that I love The Escapists? This is my second favorite book out right now, and frankly, it should really be my favorite, but... well, NextWave. So yeah, Escapists finally gets a villain, and I'm apparantly a huge Brian Vaughan mark.

I got New X-Men #30 because I dig blue haired ladies.

Fables #53 shows us that come 2009, things are gonna suuuuuuuck. Seriously, we're pretty screwed. Pick up everything to do with this book.

New Excalibur #11 equals more blue haired ladies.

The covers for Wolverine Origins #6 seem like a notch below last month's. Painted swordfights with Captain America descend into... Omega Red. Also... I'm not sure... I really like Steve Dillon's artwork normally, but for this book... its not doing anything for me. If you're not reading this book, don't worry about it. You're not missing much.

The Civil War Files isn't technically a comic book, so ignore this review of it.

Finally, a double scoop of DMZ #11 and Ultimate X-Men #74. What do these books have in common? Nothing, except that they're both FULL OF AWESOME. In DMZ, we get some background on Zee, and in Ult X, the Magician gets sent away... sort of.

Ok, that's all for this review. Its a normal Wednesday, so pick up your books! And while your there, actually, could you pick up mine too?


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