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Hey guys, I know I've been really behind these past couple weeks, so this little two week break is nessecary. Not so I can relax, but so I can build more strips for you guys and get them out on time. Some things you should know about this:

The strip will be back Monday, October 30.

On both Fridays, October 20 and 27, I will have two things... the normal Friday Comic Revue and some full color wallpapers. If I get anything else cool, I'll put those up as well on those dates.

Know that I do love doing this strip, these are not the end times, and Jason, Todd, and Robyn will be back soon to bring you more of that comic love.

Thanks for understanding, and if you hate me for it, the email is





Sorry about all those delays folks. Like I said, I've been busy, but my every waking moment that I've been at home has been spent on this wallpaper, which is also a preview of the cover for the new book, Silver War.

So what about this book? James Hatton is writing it, I'm drawing it. It will be available around February/March 2007. You can tell that this is a very serious, serious book. This is the sort of thing we do all the time, and just don't tell you about. And who's the old guy? That's Bosley. He's a big part of the adventure.

Enough of that! What to expect of this site in the next week? Well, I'll have the new comic revue up by tomorrow, cross my heart, and there'll be a lovely Halloween wallpaper up on Friday(ish). So stay tuned, I'm glad you're still here, and new comics resume NEXT monday, October 30th.

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