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Hey guys... the new wallpaper isn't ready yet, its in a transitional period, but I figured I'd give the black and white version of this, the Halloween Wallpaper.

Everyone ELSE gets to do Zombies.

The full color version I will try to have up by Tuesday, because that's Halloween. Yay! I'm really trying guys, believe me.

It's time for the Two Week Comic Revue!

First on the top of my pile is X-Factor #12. Madrox... well, part of him... takes out the two younger Tryps. Strangely enough, future Tryp is still alive, and of course... right after Layla Miller. She's at the center of this, and yet, we still know so little about her. Its what makes this book great.

Runaways #21 brings us to the end of Chase's little chat with the Gibborim. So Gert's not coming back... yet. It definitely leaves us with an idea of what Chase is capable of, though... and a horrifying look at what he might do.

I love The Escapists. The thick is plottening. Our characters are becoming intertwined in what was supposed to be a stupid publicity stunt, and the repercussions might kill their book. Vaughn is really making me care about this title, and its easily one of my favorite books right now. Get the trade when its out, if you haven't been following along.

Wolverine #47 finishes up the Civil War story in the book, with Wolvie dispensing some good old-fashioned Canadian justice upside the head Damage Control's CEO, the guy who gave Nitro the MGH that let him blow up Stamford. The hunt... thrilling... but now that we'ved removed that top of Declun's head... what now? What impact does that have on the war? From what I've seen... very little.. and that's kind of disappointing.

Alright, that's enough for right now. I'll get to the rest of my pile later tonight, after I get back from work. In the meantime, as always, thanks for the patience.

The comic returns on Monday. I may have some schedule stuff to talk about, too, but that's later.

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