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It's not my fault this time!

Webcomics Nation's upload screen was down while they moved the servers. But now everything's running smoothly again.

Danielle Corsetto gave me a new pen to try out. I used it on today's strip, and on all my MidOhio Consketches. I love it, but email me and tell me what you think.

So, yes, MidOhio Con was a blast. I did a bunch of sketches, two of which can't be shown here because I didn't take pictures (Scott got a Shi cover done and a girl whose name I didn't catch bought Batman... if either of you are reading, shoot me a photo or a scan). For the rest of them... look no further:

The first two, Frothing Spider and Death Takes Five, I still have. They can be yours, and I'm still working out how to do that, but if you want them, email me and we'll work something out.
Yoda I did in a sketchbook real fast, the guy caught me at the end of the show. Devil Desiree was totally fun and thank you once again to Ms. Corsetto, who sent most of my patrons over. Robyn on the bomb was, funnily enough, done for Robyn, who was helping Andrew Bawidamann just a couple tables down the way. I did it in exchange for a BADASS shirt (go visit his site and buy one), and I really want to see the tattoos she was talking about getting (no, nothing dirty, you slobs).

We also met the delightful Molly, who, ironically enough, was cosplaying as... well, see if you can guess:

That's right! It's the late, the great, Gert from Runaways! She even has the little stuffed Old Lace (next to the Abstract she has, which was construction paper over the Cryptonomicon... ha!). So that was really cool.

Met a whole load of cool people, saw some familiar faces (shoutout to Troy at HeavySet... sorry I didn't recognize you right away). Thanks to everybody who bought stuff, or just stopped by and laughed. The next con is that old chestnut, the Pittsburgh Comic Con, and I really want to see you all there. I'm working, as we speak, on brand new stuff for the convention floor, so... yeah, check it all out.

Well, that was a mouthful. Check back on Wednesday (barring any MORE technical troubles) for the new comic.

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