Wedensday and Friday


Yeah, I'm all about atheism.

These things are real. Robyn pretty much sums it up for me... they'd be darkly funny if they weren't deadly serious. Go on, read a couple. If I may suggest "Party Girl", "Li'l Suzy", "Sin Busters", and of course, that old chestnut "Dark Dungeons."

Also, for clarification, you may also take a spin through Doobl!, a theological storytelling travesty. Its not that good, but its just as shocking,

When you're done with those, go read James Hatton's In His Likeness. If only to feel good about life again.

So.. Wicked Faire. The whole shindig was a blast. I got m'self my second katana replica, and met a whole bunch of awesome people, many of whom I've probably forgotten in a long and drunken night. Two of the lovely ladies I met that night, Allison and Trina, were kind of enough to send me emails. Trina (and company) stopped by the room where the aforementioned Hatton was pimping IHL, and I quizzed her about what webcomics she's read. The answer? Nigh an internet's worth, and she also looks damn fine in a corset. Allison was chilling with us pretty much all night, and we had many fine and good conversations. The details are lost, but a general feeling of tranquil pleasure remains unabated.

I think there's going to be another one of these things in February. I'm gonna go, in an unofficial capacity.

Alright kids, I'm out.

Let's keep the X in X-mas.

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